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About Us

Lemonique Founder and CEO, Lidy Rosier, has over 30 years of experience as a hairstylist. This inspired Lidy to create a line of oils for all types of hair. Every single ingredients was specifically chosen due to its health and restorative benefits. All of our ingredients are organic. After 3 weeks of using our oil, you will notice increase in scalp health, decrease in dandruff and hair shedding, in addition to stronger, glossier looking hair.

Lidy Rose

Why Hair Oils?


Hair oils have many benefits, and can be used with all hair types. Hair oil is a great multi-purpose product that adds shine, nourishment, softness, and protection to any hair type. 

Hair oils are perfect for curly hair girls, given that curls tend to dry and frizz easily. Applying a small amount of Lemonique hair oil to your curl helps define and fix frizzy curls, leaving them shiny and smooth.Keep moisture from escaping​, Increase strength and Soften the curls.

Although women with fine hair are wary of oils weighing their hair down, fine hair still needs healthy nourishment. Apply a small amount of Lemonique hair oil to fine hair sparingly. Brush the hair to distribute evenly and without buildup.