Lemonique Dandruff Oil
Dandruff can make your scalp super itchy, causing you to scratch excessively. This is not only embarrassing, but it can also hurt your hair follicles and cause some hair loss. And dandruff can be s difficult to treat!

Easy Solution to a Flaky Scalp
Say goodbye to annoying dandruff with Lemonique Dandruff Oil. This oil contains ingredients that have been proven to prevent the excessive growth of dandruff-causing yeast. It also controls excess oil secretion. So you end up with a cleaner scalp with almost zero sheddings.

What makes it unique.

  1.  Soothes dry, irritated, flaking, and itchy scalp.
  2.  It can help combat fungal infections and even head lice.
  3.  Protects your hair from free-radical and sun damage.
  4.  Adds shine to your hair without grease build-up.
  5.  Restores the moisture balance in your hair and scalp

Lemonique Dandruff Oil…
                                                                                                              … say goodbye to a flaky and itchy scalp.