Lemonique Treatment Oil
Deep Nourishment for Healthier Hair
Put damaged hair in your past with a formulation that intensely nourishes and moisturizes every hair strand. Lemonique Treatment Oil is a unique blend of organic oils that deeply penetrate your hair cuticle to restore and strengthen it. So, you can enjoy beautiful hair with a silky-smooth texture and appearance.

Why You Would Love it.

  1. Provides long-lasting hydration and nourishment to the most damaged hair.
  2. Promotes the growth of healthy hair – free from frizz and split ends.
  3. Adds a healthy shine to your hair.
  4. Protects your hair from harsh environmental elements like the sun.
  5. Seals in moisture to give you softer hair that’s easier to manipulate.
  6. Improves your hair strength and elasticity for reduced breakage

Lemonique Oil Treatment …
                                                                            … take your hair health and appearance to a whole new level!