Lemonique Regrowth Oil
Thin or balding hair can be devastating to your self-esteem and even lead to other emotional issues. It also limits the hairstyles that look great on you – making you work extra hard to find one that suits you. "Lemonique's regrowth oil treatment reduces hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles, restore hair quality and encourage hair growth for hair loss, hair thinning and pattern baldness for every type of hair."

Easy Way to Grow Robust Hair
Grow lush hair with a rich organic oil that stimulates and nourishes your scalp and follicles for better hair growth. Beyond stimulating hair growth, Lemonique Regrowth Oil will also seal moisture in your hair strands. Thereby making your long hair soft and easy to detangle/style.

What makes it special.

  1. Speeds up your hair growth and prolongs the lifespan of each strand.
  2. Adds a healthy shine to your growth.
  3. Can prevent chemical and dead cell build-up.
  4. Damage protection in harsh weather.
  5. Smoother hair appearance with less frizz and split ends.

Storage: Store in a dry place away from direct heat and light.

Lemonique Regrowth Oil…
                                                                                                … give your hair growth a significant boost!